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We know that women are great contenders in this
sport, and we proved it recently at the First Poker Forum Challenge! Women outnumbered men on the final table and WPC came in first. Congrats to all women poker players!
WPC places again in the Second Poker Forum Challenge! Another great statement for women in Poker!

I honestly cant remember how I got started with poker, but it wasn't long before I joined the Womens Poker Club. The ladies in this club taught me that I CAN play with confidence. The information traded on our forum was more of learning experience than poker itself. The support within the club is tremendous, like no other I have experienced.. I have always said.."The Womens Poker Club is often imitated, but NEVER duplicated" NewatPoker

Thanks for the wonderful continuing education I get here at WPC! This is such a great place to share and learn! Light

Had to take time out, and let you all know, how I feel about the WPC. I am excited about it, and just love it. All the gals seem to be pretty friendly, and don't hesitate to help you. If you have a question, you just ask, and one of them will answer you just as soon as they can. And it is so much calmer than playing with mostly guys. And the Administrators, do such a good job of taking care of everything. I hope to continue to belong to this group for a nice long while.

Thank you so much for being there!


The WPC is one of the greatest sites for women poker players, they are so supportive, and all the women are a pleasure to play with. I am constantly referring women to the site, if I didn't believe in them and trust them, I would not recommend them so highly. MountainMelody

Just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you who work so hard to keep this wonderful site going. I have only been a member a short while but I have learned so much and met some of the most fantastic women anywhere..You have a wealth of information and such friendly people that don't mind answering silly questions from us newbies...hugs around and three cheers for WPC SoozeeQT

I love playing with all women (WPC) because they don't go all in on the first 2 hands like the men do! Adriel Moon

I started playing in August, and when I made the decision to start turning luck into skill I did two things: buy Sklansky's The Theory of Poker and join WPC. I think WPC has taught me more. Between the online classes and tournaments where everyone really wants each other to play their best and smartest game, there couldn't be a more supportive skill-building environment than the WPC's Fresh Poker Faces league. RachelKat

As a new player i am just grateful that all these women r here just 4 me. KC from Mars



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